Trey McGriff's music project SOMEWHERE OUTHERE streams in 78 countries on SPOTIFY for 2019!

Whiskey Child Records and Trey McGriff aka SOMEWHERE OUTHERE is wrapping up a fantastic 2019! The popular music streaming service SPOTIFY just announced the music performance statistics for 2019 and the music reached 78 countries! It all added up to an amazing year for SOMEWHERE OUTHERE

Thanks to all the music fans in the world for continuing to give all of Trey's original music and projects a listen! Slap-on your headphones or earbuds and crank up the volume in 2020! Click the links below and enjoy the music right now on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and other fine stores! 

Whiskey Child Records on Spotify!

SomeWhere OutHere on Spotify!

SomeWhere OutHere on Apple Music!

SomeWhere OutHere on Pandora!

SomeWhere OutHere on SoundCloud!

SomeWhere OutHere on Bandcamp!

SomeWhere OutHere on Amazon!









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