Kuriosity gets the best of a good-looking, naive babe, who is lured into a seemingly normal bachelor's pad,
only to discover that she is part of a demented redneck's documentary taking place in a neighborhood
somewhere in Georgia.  Will she survive the night? 


Trey McGriff is a Writer/Director/Editor/Composer and also stars in the award-winning Horror/Comedy film,
KURIOSITY KILLZ, an Official Selection of Fright Night Film Festival, and winner of the Audience Choice Award at PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas.  


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Celebrities and Friends watching KURIOSITY KILLZ!

The movie soundtrack features original songs by Trey McGriff, including: SomeWhere OutHere and Hills Rolling  All songs are available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.  


 "Stylish and moody. Expect the unexpected!"
-Greg Roberts

"Kuriosity Killz ROCKS!"
-Chuck Williams

"Kuriosity Killz stands above its peers!"

"Nice work! Truly a personal and well composed film.
Impressive and the story kept me engaged throughout."

-J.J. Kelley

"A tongue-in-cheek horror comedy that really has a great blend of
elements that make up a great horror movie!"


"Loved it!  Very impressed with the editing & music. Awesome Stuff!"
- Scott Rushton

"Trey McGriff does an excellent job with the direction and camera work,
utilizing some very cool and unique camera angles and edits."
-Hayes Hudson
"It is a fun little movie!"
-James DePaolo

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