Trey McGriff acting in YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL now airing on Adult Swim! 

Trey McGriff can be spotted acting in the hilarious hit TV Show YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL, in the episode "OMGouija", which is currently airing on Adult Swim Network. Be sure to check it out! You can also watch the episode online by click this link  Here's a screenshot below of Trey McGriff and fellow actors in the new episode of YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL.

Trey McGriff acting with Martin Kove and William Zabka in the popular show COBRA KAI, Season 2, Episode 4, The Moment of Truth 

Trey McGriff can be seen acting as the character, Larsen, along with Martin Kove, as Sensei John Kreese, in the popular television show COBRA KAI, Season 2, Episode 4, The Moment of Truth! Be sure to watch the new Season of COBRA KAI exclusively on YouTube Premium! Check out a few pictures from one of the scenes from Episode 4 with actors Martin Kove, William Zabka, and Trey McGriff .

















































Trey McGriff acting in THE FRONT RUNNER starring Hugh Jackman and Vera Farmiga 

Trey McGriff recently made an appearance acting in THE FRONT RUNNER starring Hugh Jackman and Vera Farmiga! Be sure to watch this exciting feature film. Here are a few pictures of Trey McGriff sporting a mustache while in a very tense scene with Hugh Jackman, Vera Farmiga, Mamoudou Athie, and fellow actors. Click the youtube video link and see Trey McGriff at the 2:00 minute time frame in THE FRONT RUNNER


























Trey McGriff included in the new NETFLIX trailer for STRANGER THINGS 3, as Hawkins PD! 

Trey McGriff is included in the brand-new NETFLIX trailer for the popular television series STRANGER THINGS, Season 3! Trey McGriff plays Hawkins PD in last Season 2 of STRANGER THINGS and now in Season 3. You can see Trey in this trailer at 1:39 as he tries to keep the crowd at ease! View more of Trey McGriff acting roles and composing work on  Click on the link to view the incredible new trailer and watch for the awesome new season, coming out in JULY, 2019!












































Trey McGriff included on for his on screen death by Tristan Risk, in the feature film, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS  

Trey McGriff is included on for his on screen death by sexy Tristan Risk in the awesome feature exploitation film FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS, directed by James Bickert! Trey is pictured below as Deputy Glavine, beside fellow actor, Bill McConnell, in the unforgettable and explosive movie! If you haven't seen it yet, you gotta check it out now!

SomeWhere OutHere "Single for the Summertime" included on Run Hundred Playlist!  

Trey McGriff's project, SomeWhere OutHere, has landed on a very inclusive playlist by RUN HUNDRED, which is a unique company who finds music to match your exercise routine! Check 'em out today and you'll find some awesome new music on their playlists. 

"SomeWhere OutHere 'Single for the Summertime' - A rap track that'll have you pining for the summer!" -

Listen to SomeWhere OutHere "Single for the Summertime" by clicking the link or graphic below!


Trey McGriff in the new Season 2 of COBRA KAI, the YouTube Red Original Series! 

Trey McGriff is thrilled to be in the new Season 2 of the COBRA KAI series and honored to be in a scene with Sensei John Kreese, who is played by the talented, Martin Kove, the main antagonist of the original trilogy of The Karate Kid. Be sure to tune in and watch COBRA KAI, the YouTube Red Original Series, starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka! "The real story's only just begun..."