Trey McGriff creates and edits a fresh new video for TROMA ENTERTAINMENT and Lloyd Kaufman! Available on TROMA NOW and YouTube!

Trey McGriff has created and edited a very informative new video for the longest running independent film studio in North America, TROMA ENTERTAIMENT, and Director Lloyd Kaufman! Lloyd speaks and dazzles the festive crowd at the Chinese American Film Festival. Feel free to watch it now on TROMA NOW,  YouTube and Vimeo!

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Actor Peter Dinklage is set to star in Legendary's new THE TOXIC AVENGER movie and Macon Blair is on board to direct this awesome remake of the cult classic. Stay tuned for more movie news!

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Special Thanks to Lloyd Kaufman and TROMA! Be sure to view these other cool Music Videos edited by Trey McGriff with music from SomeWhere OutHere